QSO from Rice Patch Beach

This afternoon I borrowed Uncle Don’s bicycle and rode a mile or so east from my daughter’s house. I stopped along Rice Patch Beach and worked Newport Beach, CA.


The little strip of beach is only 5 or 6 feet wide… just enough room to sit down under a Kiawe tree. I threw a 33 foot wire over the tallest branch. The wind wanted to tangle the lines, but it went together without a problem. As soon as I hooked everything up, I heard Earle, AB6WL calling CQ. He had a very strong signal and came right back to me.


“Very nice to meet you on Molokai. Hope UR having a good time,” Earle sent. I told him the wind was nearly 35 MPH and the waves were lapping at my feet! I was afraid the water would wash over the rig any minute.


Earle gave me a 559. He was certainly 599. What fun to make a quick contact from along the roadside. The forecast for New Hampshire is calling for 12 to 16 inches of snow! We’re leaving here in four days. (sad)

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