IARU Contest from Old Hill Village

Judy and I rode our bicycles along the Pemigewasset River at Old Hill Village this afternoon. I operated the IARU contest on 20 meters. I worked Latvia, Puerto Rico, England, Spain, Germany and four states. What a beautiful day.


We passed through a low area along the river. It was covered with debris from flooding earlier this week.


But there were only a couple of impassable sections; the rest was gorgeous. The trail was strewn with wild flowers… yarrow, buttercups, vetch and daisies to name a few.


We rode south along the trail for more than two miles and stopped under an old butternut tree. Here I tossed my 33 foot wire over a high branch.


I set up the KX3 at the edge of the trail and sat down to operate.


Making contacts was easy. Stations were strong and plentiful. Band conditions were good. I operated for about 20 minutes and made 11 QSOs. Here’s my log… I’ve replaced the ITU zone with the QTH, so you can see where I made contacts:

08 Jul-17 1951  14 DJ7UC   CW 599 599 Germany  
08 Jul-17 1954  14 K3TN    CW 599 599 MD  
08 Jul-17 1955  14 W4ML    CW 599 599 VA  
08 Jul-17 1956  14 YL4HQ   CW 599 599 Latvia  
08 Jul-17 1957  14 K4P     CW 599 599 Puerto Rico  
08 Jul-17 2002  14 GR2HQ   CW 599 599 England  
08 Jul-17 2003  14 K4AB    CW 599 599 AL  
08 Jul-17 2006  14 K2DSW   CW 599 599 IA  
08 Jul-17 2008  14 DL0CS   CW 599 599 Germany  
08 Jul-17 2010  14 EF4HQ   CW 599 599 Spain  
08 Jul-17 2013  14 W0FLS   CW 599 599 IA  


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